Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Miss Upload

One of the benefit that you can get from internet is its ability to enable you transfer some information in the same time in the fastest way. Email, blog, forum and some networking websites are the medium where you can share your knowledge, opinion or just the place to show some amazing places that you have been visiting through some pictures.

However, those medium are having a limitation, where as you cannot upload pictures, video or just files which have big size. The average email size that is allowed to send is only about 10MB per email. So this system is not flexible when you need to send a big size file. Fortunately now you have Miss Upload, a website where you can upload images, videos, or files up to 25MB. So it is actually the easiest way to send some files with big size, you download it and your friend download it. One important thing that you should know from this website is that all of the services are free.

So for the needs of file upload what you need to do is just a simply clicking to their website in and through a very simple registration process you can start sharing photos, videos, and many more with your friends anytime you want.
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